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  1. Once Dedup finds duplicates you can remove them per-playlist basis. Safer Dedup will only remove duplicate songs , leaving the rest of the playlist and saved songs untouched
  2. Spotify Dedup. Dedup traverses the playlists in your Spotify library and lets you remove duplicate tracks easily. Submitted by: José Manuel Pérez (Spotify) Tools used: Spotify Web API. Source code repository link: https://github.com/JMPerez/spotify-dedup. Source code license link: http://opensource.org/licenses/MIT
  3. Safe. Spotidup won't delete anything except for duplicates, and only in the playlists you want to apply the deletion
  4. In addition to /u/XingYuen's comment, you can also remove duplicates from within Spotify itself:. Put the playlist with duplicates inside a playlist folder. Click on playlist folder title (the duplicates are automatically removed in this view). Select tracks and drag into a new (repaired) playlist. Note: This has the same drawback as DeDuplicator and will only remove duplicate tracks by ID

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Spotify dedup - Deleting duplicated songs from your

Lightning search: search in your own Spotify library from Alfred App. Instantaneous search in your tracks, albums, artists, your music and playlists. Full control of your playlist: browse, launch, follow or even remove any of your playlists. Add tracks, album or even playlists to any of your playlist, or Your Music right from the workflow. You can also remove tracks Spotify Dedup. Localization can be really time consuming, and slows down every feature added to a project. At the same time, it makes it possible for more people to discover and use it. After a complete code rewrite, back in December 2019 I decided to translate Spotify Dedup, initially adding support for 4 languages Now you can find and remove them using Spotify Dedup. This project uses the Spotify Web API for managing playlists. Just log in and it will traverse your playlists, finding songs that appear multiple times with the same identifier (Spotify URI) in a given playlist. If it finds duplicates, they can be removed just pushing a button. And since it doesn't create a whole new playlist, it keeps all.

Listen on Spotify: Biggest SFW playlist ever, even safe enough for waiting rooms- over 2000+ songs and growing, including all genres: pop, soft rock, adult contemporary, 90s, top 40, rock, soul, blues, indie and more. Never get bored and never worry about skipping a song super fast again Spotify is a digital music service that gives you access to millions of songs. We and our partners use cookies to personalize your experience, to show you ads based on your interests, and for measurement and analytics purposes Automatically skips songs that you dislike on Mac. Spotify Dedup. Remove duplicate tracks from your playlists. Alfred Mini Player. Control your Spotify library at your fingertips with Alfred. Shazam. Create and play Shazam playlists in Spotify. Runkeeper. Listen to Spotify while using this popular exercise motivator Spotify Dedup (mobile) A mobile application to find and remove duplicated tracks from your Spotify library. I did this to get started building apps with React Native and Expo. BPM. Calculating the BPM of a song using Javascript. I did this to play with the Web Audio API and show a useful example of using the Spotify Web API. Karaoke. An exploration of audio manipulation using browser libraries. A video showing my first application built using React Native (source code on https://github.com/JMPerez/spotify-dedup-mobile). The application reuses code f..

Spotify Dedup. 43 likes · 9 talking about this. Spotify Deduplicator - Remove duplicated songs from your playlists and saved song Listen on Spotify: My playlist list of songs any streamer is allowed to play on stream without needing to worry about VODs being muted or DMCA issues! All that I ask is if anyone asks you provide them a link to the playlist and spread the word Spotify Dedup went recently through a redesign of the list of duplicates, hiding playlists without duplicates, showing playlist images and having more clear action buttons. Remove duplicates buttons. See the attached screenshot (left: past, right: current) Spotify shares your personal data globally with Spotify group companies in order to carry out the activities specified in this Policy. Spotify may also subcontract processing to, or share your personal data with, third parties located in countries other than your country. Your personal data, therefore, may be subject to privacy laws that are.

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The Spotify model doesn't have any rules or guidelines publicly available like SAFe and LeSS. It gives many organizations a quick win because of multiple factors, including renaming the existing. Spotlistr is definitely safe to use, we use the Spotify web api to handle authentication: https: Spotify provides developers a huge set of tools to help create third party apps with Spotify, it's part of what makes Spotify an awesome platform! Reply. 7 Likes Re: Is Spotlistr safe? Mark as New; Bookmark; Subscribe; Mute; Subscribe to RSS Feed; Permalink; Print; Email to a Friend; Report. Musicscape generates a minimalistic landscape based on your recent Spotify activity. The mountains and peaceful colors are generated from the audio features of the last 50 songs you've listened to. The landscape changes depending on if you listen to happy or sad songs, energetic or calm ones, if you've been a recent active listener and other track features. Listen to a couple new songs and. When you log-in with Spotify, it creates a special, one-time code to read your top songs and tracks, as well as recent playlists. That access goes away until you come back. To remove ties between your Spotify account and this project, click remove access for Bad Music on Spotify's 3rd Party app page here. You can also find our site-wide privacy policy here.. Carbon results for spotify-dedup.com. Share. Hurrah! This web page is cleaner than 0 % of web pages tested Only 0.0 g of CO2 is produced every time someone visits this web page. Oh no, it looks like this web page.

SPOTIFY DELETING SONGS?! Is Your Music Safe?Subscribe for more videos! - http://kdmr.us/subBlog - http://kdmr.us/blogMerchandise - http://shop.kdmrmusic.comA.. Test code coverage history for JMPerez/spotify-dedup. Home; Features; Pricing; Docs; Sign In; JMPerez / spotify-dedup. 24%. DEFAULT BRANCH: master. Build: Repo Added 25 Oct 2018 05:52AM UTC Total Files 10 # Builds 616 Last Badge. Embed README BADGES x. If you need to use a raster PNG badge, change the '.svg' to '.png' in the link. Markdown. Textile. RDoc. HTML. Rst. LAST BUILD ON BRANCH master.

Spotify Dedup is now faster when checking playlists that had been processed earlier. The tool uses the playlist snapshot_id to detect if the.. Dass Spotify umbauen möchte, das war neulich noch ein Gerücht, welches sich heute bestätigte. Der Streaming-Musikdienst bringt aus diesem. Is it Safe to Download Spotify Premium Mod APK? If you are wondering about legal issues, if you can download a modded app or not? It is legal? Then not to worry, it is totally legal to Download and installs MOD applications on your Smartphone. However, if you are distributing a MOD app, then you must be careful because it is illegal in many regions to distribute a modified app. Even more. Spotify Dedup - Mobile app version. Contribute to JMPerez/spotify-dedup-mobile development by creating an account on GitHub

No.6. Tunelf Spotify Music Converter (Windows & Mac) This is a desktop program, well-designed to download Spotify songs, playlists and podcasts, etc.No matter you're a free or premium subscriber, you can use Tunelf Spotify Music Converter to download Spotify for listening on any device. It is a professional music converter to convert Spotify to MP3, WAV, FLAC, AAC, etc. easily and quickly So I built a Stats page on Spotify Dedup that shows the data, fetched from the Spotify Dashboard, and open sourced spotify-app-stats, the npm library that I use to fetch the data. I show the monthly and daily users, users grouped by country, and the number of requests to the Web API (ok, this last one might be a bit nerdy)

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  1. Remove duplicates from your Spotify Playlists. Contribute to JMPerez/spotify-dedup development by creating an account on GitHub
  2. I'm grateful that Alessio Schreiber contributed translating Spotify Dedup to Italian, so more users can find and use the tool to remove duplicates.With this one there are already 7 languages supported in Spotify Dedup. As always, if you find any issue with the localization or would like to contribute with a new language, feel free to ping me :
  3. I have set my deduplication delay to 2 days, so the last 2 day backups dont get deduplicated and if the issue rears its head, I move the affected file off the drive and copy it back, this leaves that file without deduplication for 2 days and allows Veeam to do its operations with it just fine. If the issue is fixed, that is great, but I just want to verify that the article: https://bp.veeam.
  4. Here we look at why save rates on Spotify are so important, and how the work to increase your music's odds of landing on game-changing playlists like Release Radar and Discover Weekly
  5. Spytify Records Spotify to mp3 without ads while it plays and includes media tags to the recorded files Overview Features Settings F.A.Q Donate Download. Spytify is a Spotify recorder for Windows which records Spotify audio without recording or playing ads, ensuring no loss in sound quality

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  1. SAFe® nutzt insbesondere auf der ART, Large Solution- und Portfolio-Ebene bekannte Begriffe, die Organisationen einen Umstieg erleichtern, und die dennoch agil ausgestaltet sind. SAFe® for Lean Enterprises 5.1. Program Increment und Iteration. Die Lösung des Scaled Agile Framework für die Skalierung ist der Einzug eines Zyklus auf einer höheren Abstraktionsebene: dem Program.
  2. Spotify Premium is available on various platforms and devices such as (Android, iOS), Computer (Windows / Mac / Linux), Smart TVs, Smart Speaker (Amazon Alexa / Google Home), Console (PS4 / Xbox One), etc. Spotify Premium's data sync allows you to control the music playing on one device via another device (for example, controlling the music playing on your PC via smartphone), which is.
  3. What marketing strategies does Spotify-dedup use? Get traffic statistics, SEO keyword opportunities, audience insights, and competitive analytics for Spotify-dedup
  4. Article : L'agilité à grande échelle avec le modèle Spotify. Modèle Spotify SAFe vs Spotify Spotify est un cadre léger. Contrairement à SAFe, le modèle Spotify ne se veut pas être une grosse boite à outils. Le modèle Spotify propose un cadre relativement léger qui insiste sur le besoin de créer de nombreuses interactions pour.
  5. g app that allows users to search for their favorite artists, albums, and songs. Here's what parents need to know about Spotify.--..

JMPerez/spotify-dedup. Answer questions okachynskyy +1. useful! Related questions. No questions were found. source :https. LESS-Nexus-Spotify-DSDM-SAFE: Which scaled Scrum? December 11, 2017 December 11, 2017 • Jon. A note on the various approaches to scaling Scrum. LESS Large-Scale Scrum. LeSS was created by Bas Vodde and Craig Larman from practical experience in scaling up Scrum, see their Scaling Lean & Product Development (2008) and Practices for Scaling Lean & Agile Development (2010), and founded as the. Close Spotify. Go to the Control Panel. Click Programs and Features. Select Spotify in the list and click uninstall. Follow the instructions on the screen. Download and install Spotify. Windows 10. Exit Spotify. Click the Start button, then Settings. Click Apps, then Spotify. Click Uninstall. Download and install Spotify from the Microsoft Store Please with your spotify account, to see your track or artist ranking! Login with Spotify. By logging in, you agree to our privacy policy. Your own charts. View your most listened tracks and artists and switch between 3 different time periods. Your data is updated approximately every day. Compare to last visit . See how your personal ranking changes over time, indicated by arrows. Not even Spotify is safe from the Stories format. By David Nield 28 November 2020. Popping up on playlists (Image credit: Spotify) When it was first introduced, the Snapchat Story format - a.

Download Spotify. Play millions of songs on your device. Download. Bring your music to mobile and tablet, too. Listening on your phone or tablet is free, easy, and fun. One account, listen everywhere. Mobile; Computer; Tablet; Car; PlayStation ® Xbox; TV; Speaker; Web Player; Spotify Company About Jobs For the Record Communities For Artists Developers Advertising Investors Vendors Useful. DRmare Spotify Music Converter could be the better tool to crack Spotify on Windows and Mac. It works like a Spotify crack PC tool but better than it. With the help of such a tool, you can enjoy offline Spotify music without ads, like using a Spotify Premium. Moreover, you can listen to Spotify songs on all devices and players even without the Spotify app

Scaling Agile @ Spotify with Henrik KnibergTalks from Scrum Australia 2014 - Sydney, Australia.In his keynote at Scrum Australia 2014, Henrik Kniberg examine.. Spotify users can listen to music and podcasts straight from their mobile devices. More than 130 million people already have the Spotify Premium subscription. Spotify Premium: from Stockholm to the World. Spotify has been around since 2006 when it was founded by Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon in Stockholm. Its major competitors (Apple Music and.

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The Spotify model was first introduced to the world in 2012, when Henrik Kniberg and Anders Ivarsson published the whitepaper Scaling Agile @ Spotify, which introduced the radically simple way Spotify approached agility. Since then, the Spotify model generated a lot of buzz and became popular in the agile transformation space. Part of its appeal is that it focuses on organizing around work. Spotify

Delete repeated songs from your Spotify playlists and saved tracks quickly and easy. Spotify Dedup - Remove duplicate songs from your Spotify library automatically. Delete repeated songs from your Spotify playlists and saved tracks quickly and easy. Actions . Emily T&E added Spotify Dedup - Remove duplicate songs from your Spotify library. Spotify clearly needs to be more resilient to this form of attack and they have a role to play in better protecting their customers even when the account takeovers stem from poor customer security. Agile at Scale combines Spotify and SAFe, Spotisafe. Components: Agile Squad, Tribe, Chapter & Guild, and Product Management Team, or PMT. How to synchronize Agile Squads? At last, review 2 market references on Agile at Scale, the GAO Assessment Guide and Agile at Scale for Enterprise by Darrell K. Rigby Spotify Premium als Prepaid-Angebot nutzen. Neben der paysafecard, die euch euer Prepaid-Guthaben online aufladen lässt, gibt es aber auch eine zweite Möglichkeit für alle diejenigen, die mit. Spotify is generally safe for older children. However, be aware that in order to sign up to the app you need to give a lot of personal information. My recommendation is to create a seperate Facebook account or Gmail for things like Spotify where you do not want to give too much of your own personal information. Also, there is the issue of your kids being exposed to lyrics that may not be age.

I've been using Spotify for more than a year now and it's great, but the more I use it, the more I realize just how much I need to leave. Spotify is a trap Hello all, I've always wanted to see my listening stats and I'm aware that there are many websites and apps which show them. BUT, I've wondered if it is safe to to use these sites/apps. Does it put account information at risk In the Spotify model, teams usages LeSS, SAFe, Scrum, or Kanban at the squad or tribe level. Nexus Framework: Nexus is similar to LeSS from outside minus nexus integration team. It is a framework build upon Scrum but keeps Scrum untouched. If multiple teams work on the same product and experience coordination chaos, then Nexus may be helpful. A Nexus is a group of approximately three to nine.

The Spotify model is a people-driven, autonomous set of practices that can be applied for coordinating agile teams. It was never intended to be a model or framework, but some businesses have adopted it as such. Spotify places an emphasis on self-organizing, cross-functional, and co-located teams called squads (the equivalent of a scrum team). Comparatively, SAFe has no such stipulation. Data Deduplication is supported as of Windows Server 2019. Failover Clustering. Failover Clustering is fully supported, if every node in the cluster has the Data Deduplication feature installed. Other important notes: Manually started Data Deduplication jobs must be run on the Owner node for the Cluster Shared Volume. Scheduled Data Deduplication jobs are stored in the cluster task scheduled. Dein Vertrag mit spotify - Das sagt spotify in den Nutzungsbedingungen (Stand: Juli 2020) Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen, Datenschutzerklärungen, Servicebestimmungen - nur wenig Nutzerinnen und Nutzer lesen sich die wichtigen Dokumente durch. Gespickt mit juristischen Fachbegriffen ist es nicht nur für Jugendliche schwer, diese Texte zu verstehen. Handysektor fasst in der Reihe.

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  1. Gemeinsame Vorteile von agiler Skalierung: Nexus, LeSS, SAFe und Spotify Der Vortrag. Im letzten State of Agile Report von VERSIONONE werden agile Skalierungsansätze bezüglich ihres Nutzungsgrades aufgeführt. Dabei kommt NEXUS (erstmalig) auf 1%, LeSS auf 3% und SAFe ist aktuell mit 28% der klare Favorit. Zwischen den Frameworks gibt es in den entsprechenden Foren im Internet oft erbitterte.
  2. Data Deduplication is supported on NTFS formatted volumes. File system filter: A file system filter is a plugin that modifies the default behavior of the file system. To preserve access semantics, Data Deduplication uses a file system filter (Dedup.sys) to redirect reads to optimized content completely transparently to the user or application that makes the read request. Optimization: A file.
  3. On the other side of the coin, Spotify's half-hearted approach to social media opens up a new set of problems. Unlike other social media platforms, Spotify doesn't have tools to help protect your privacy. Spotify has introduced a variety of safety features, like private listening, but it's still not perfect
  4. Data deduplication was first introduced with Windows Server 2012 and improved upon in Windows Server 2016. To give you a high level overview of what Data Deduplication actually does, it goes through files in your fileserver and removes any redundant data to save on storage space. Since it uses a post-processing model, meaning it runs background jobs to optimize the files after the files have.

It's very safe and doesn't be banned by Spotify *5. Enjoy Spotify tracks with 320 kbps quality even using a free account. Cons: *1. It takes you $34.95 to purchase the full version. Part 3. In Conclusion . There are many free Spotify cracked PC tools, which enables users to get Spotify Premium features. It will take risks to use them. So, AudFree Spotify Music Converter could be better to. JMPerez/spotify-dedup. Remove duplicates from your Spotify Playlists. https://spotify-dedup.com. JMPerez. viewpoint. Express your opinions freely and help others including your future self submit. Issues rank. No questions were found. contributors (According to the first 100) JMPerez. greenkeeper[bot] dependabot[bot] Alessioschreiber. lesyk-lesyk. paulvissers97. Keeping Your Spotify Profile Safe. Now you know the various tools and methods you can use to keep your Spotify profile locked down. While Spotify lacks two-factor authentication and recovery methods like a phone number, putting these measures in place will definitely beef up your protection. Aside from security options, there are lots of other Spotify tips you should put into practice, too.

No matter you are doing hiphop, jazz or rock music we accept allmost all genres for our spotify promotion.Through our promotion you will get real streams that bring back royalties and helps you increase your regular fan base and be popular on spotify.. Our spotify promotion mainly based on USA.So this promotion really helps you to get on official spotify chart Spotify Trust & Safety is dedicated to crafting a platform that's safe for users and creators and true to our values. Location. London. Job type. Permanent. We are seeking an outstanding Policy Manager to join our growing Trust & Safety team. You will drive the development and refinement of policies, tooling, and enforcement processes to help ensure a safe and positive experience for users. But Spotify's algorithm isn't just interested in your stream count; it's looking for a quality stream-to-engagement ratio. Meaning, of all the people that heard your song, how many of them saved it to their library, queue, or playlists? That's the kind of activity that really gives your music muscle on the platform. With a Spotify pre-save campaign you have the chance to demonstrate.

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Is Spotify Desktop App Safe Spotify Premium Free Windows Download Spotify Playlistkhalid Free Spirit Tour Setlist On Spotify 99 Cent Spotify Free Trial Www Spotify Free Music Spotify Playlist Link Into App Best Way To Get Music On Spotify For Free Spotify App For Android Keeps Pausing Spotify Free Song Selection Download Spotify For Iphone Without App Store Download Bot Spotify Audio High. Is Spotify Premium APK (MOD Version) safe? Yes, it is modified directly from the original application. We have tested it thoroughly before posting, you can rest assured to use. Can I download music to my device to listen offline? If you are signing up for a Premium plan, you can. If you are using the free package or the MOD version, unfortunately, you cannot do this. Why can't I access.

Spotify Trust & Safety is dedicated to crafting a platform that's safe for users and creators and true to our values. Location. New York. Job type. Permanent. We are seeking an outstanding Policy Manager to join our growing Trust & Safety team. You will drive the development and refinement of policies, tooling, and enforcement processes to help ensure a safe and positive experience for users.

Learn more about your music taste and compare it to others' with Obscurify JMPerez / spotify-dedup / 446558210. 24%. DEFAULT BRANCH: master. Build: Repo Added 25 Oct 2018 05:52AM UTC Total Files 9 # Builds 616 Last Badge. Embed README BADGES x. If you need to use a raster PNG badge, change the '.svg' to '.png' in the link. Markdown. Textile. RDoc. HTML. Rst. Committed 26 Oct 2018 - 7:52 coverage decreased (-2.7%) to 17.716%. Build # 446558210 Build Type. push. travis.

Agile at Spotify 1. Agile at Spotify 1 2. What is Spotify? The right music for every moment 2Spotify is a new way to listen to music. Millions of tracks, any time you like. Just search for itin Spotify, then play it. Just help yourself to whatever you want, whenever you want it.Launched October 28 2008.With Spotify, it's easy to find the. Im letzten State of Agile Report von VERSIONONE werden agile Skalierungsansätze bezüglich ihres Nutzungsgrades aufgeführt. Dabei kommt NEXUS (erstmalig) auf. Make Spotify Child-safe. 119 likes. Add a button that controls whether Explicit songs are played or not Run Details. 21 of 138 branches covered (15.22%). Branch coverage included in aggregate %. 2 of 13 new or added lines in 2 files covered.(15.38%) 10 existing lines in 4 files now uncovered.. 55 of 291 relevant lines covered (18.9%). 0.66 hits per lin If you get Spotify Premium free via sign up for a free trial and using DRmare Spotify Downloader, it's safe. Just play Spotify files for personal use, all ways will be legal. Q3: Which is the best way to get Spotify Premium for free forever? We'd like to recommend you combine two legal ways for perfect Spotify music playback. You can update to Spotify Premium free trial mode. And then, it's.

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The leading provider of test coverage analytics. Ensure that all your new code is fully covered, and see coverage trends emerge. Works with most CI services. Always free for open source Many TVs offer a Spotify app. Check out the app store on your TV or set top box and search for Spotify. Log in to a TV app. Open the Spotify app on your TV, then choose one of these ways to log in: Enter your Spotify email address and password. Open the Spotify app on your phone or tablet, and find your device using Spotify Connect. Select LOG IN WITH PIN. Then on another device, go to www. Safe Mode should help too, but let's try simple restart first. . Let me know how it goes! Sebasty Rock Star 18. Help others find this answer and click Accept as Solution. If you appreciate my answer, maybe give me a Like. Note: I'm not a Spotify employee. 0 Likes Re: Cannot delete Local appdata folder on Windows 10 Mark as New; Bookmark; Subscribe; Mute; Subscribe to RSS Feed; Permalink.

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La fiche de score WOT fait apparaître les notes et avis de la communauté à propos du niveau de sécurité du site spotify-dedup.com. Le site spotify-dedup.com est-il sûr ? Venez le découvri Collage Generator for Spotify No, this cannot hack your Spotify . Timeframe. Columns. Rows. Size. Metric. Overlay track name. Generate Follow me on Spotify. Spotify Connect for Home Audio. The Spotify Connect feature allows the Spotify app to act as a remote control for home audio devices. The Spotify Embedded SDK makes it easy to add Spotify Connect functionality to a home audio device. The Spotify eSDK provides a compact binary; by integrating the Spotify eSDK with the firmware of a device you make it possible to discover and control playback on. The file that was tested for Spotify was SpotifySetup.exe.These tests apply to Spotify which is the latest version last time we checked. According to our test on Apr 15, 2021, this program *is* a clean download and virus-free; it should be safe to run A tabela de desempenho WoT fornece classificações e análises online de spotify-dedup.com sobre sua segurança e confiança. Então, está spotify-dedup.com seguro? Venha descobri

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Spotify is committed to bringing audio content such as music and stories to more people in more ways-including the next generation of listeners. That's why we decided to launch a fun standalone app designed with safety in mind specifically for kids and families.* We sat down with Alex Norström, Spotify's Chief Premium Business Officer,... Read more Data deduplication in a straightforward feature and will take a few minutes to make it active. Deduplication is one of the server roles found on Windows Servers, and you do not need a restart for it to work. However, it is safe to do so to make sure the entire process is configured correctly. Preparing for Windows Server Duplication. Click on star Spotify Dedup - 「いいね!」48件 - Spotify Deduplicator - Remove duplicated songs from your playlists and saved song Spotify Dedup. 48 पसंद. Spotify Deduplicator - Remove duplicated songs from your playlists and saved song Die Spotify-App bietet einen Offline-Modus, der sich unter anderem bei paralleler Nutzung mehrerer Geräte anbietet. Ihr könnt dann allerdings nur zuvor auf das Gerät heruntergeladene Songs hören

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Safe For Work (Beats) : Spotify Playlist [Submit Music Here] ABOUT THIS PLAYLIST. Lush vibes from some of the biggest names in Chill-Hop, Boom Bap, & LoFi, as well as the upcoming generation of legendary instrumental hip-hop producers! Curated by music producer Chade Summerset, Safe For Work (Beats) is a Positive Lifestyle Playlist. This playlist works for establishing positive study habits. Spotify and Minecraft Account Info Posted Online Are You Safe. By McAfee on Apr 26, 2016. This blog was written by Bruce Snell. One of my favorite scenes in The Avengers is when Captain America tells Bruce Banner that he needs to get angry and Banner replies, That's my secret Cap, I'm always angry. That's a lot like information security; websites are always under attack. Today. 40.6k members in the streaming community. A community for those interested in and active in content streaming Spotify; iTunes; Google; 11. April 2014. Bitcoins sind eine digitale Währung, die vornehmlich im Netz gebunkert wird. Doch so lange sich die virtuellen Münzen dort befinden, können Hacker sich an die heiß begehrte Währung ranmachen. Egal mit welcher Verschlüsselungstechnik das digitale Geld gesichert ist, wer nur lange genug rumprobiert und genug vom Programmieren versteht, wird.

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